(1) MARY, you are the Virgin of virgins because you stand at the head of the long train of Christian virgins. Though motherhood was far more respected than virginity among the Jews, you resolved to live and die a virgin. God inspired your marriage to Joseph, who respected and defended your virginity. And when you were asked by the Archangel Gabriel whether you would accept the dignity of becoming the Mother of God, you were assured that by the power of the Holy Spirit you would become a Mother without sacrificing the purity which you have vowed to God.

Virgin of Virgins, teach me to love and strive for virginal purity in my state of life, for there is no virtue more beautiful and more pleasing to God. Help me to preserve at least the chastity of my vocation in life.

(2) MARY, you are the purest all virgins, as the sun surpasses the stars in splendor. Holy Scripture compares you to a lily: "As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters" (Canticles 2,2). Being without the stain of original sin, you were free from all evil desires and inclinations, an angel in human flesh. Your beauty awakened a love for chastity in all who saw you.

Virgin of Virgins, I entrust the purity of my soul and body to your care. Keep me from entertaining any unchaste thought, or performing any unchaste deed. Shield me from offending God by my eyes or ears or tongue. And when the demon of impurity troubles me with his vile temptations, let me fervently beg your protection and help.

(3) MARY, you have a special love for virginal souls. To be like you, countless virgins in every age and country, rank and condition of life, have consecrated to God the purest affections of their hearts, and have found in their detachment from earthly pleasures the most pure and enduring happiness. You watch over them with zealous care, because you consider them spouses of your Divine Son.

Virgin of Virgins, I hope to obtain from you the grace to overcome every temptation, and to preserve holy purity all the days of my life, that I may be numbered among your special friends. May I belong to that chaste generation of which the Scriptures speak: "O how beautiful is the chaste generation with glory: for the memory thereof is immortal: because it is known both with God and with men" (Wisdom 4,1).


Grant us, we beg You, Almighty and Eternal God, that solemnly venerating the spotless virginity of the most pure Virgin Mary, we may by her intercession obtain purity of mind and body. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Feast of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Oct. 16)

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